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I feel the second wave of fear and dualism is coming…

First covid (with vaccinated people vs non vaccinated) which suddenly as miracle disappeared from all media and now war in Ukraine… I feel it’s necessary to calm the surface of the water. We all… 🙏🏻💗

Let's stay neutral and not judge any one, it doesn’t belong us … and it’s not good energy for anybody.

In yoga in Shirshasana (headstand - which is the queen of all postures) we learn we see the world 🌎 the way it is, upside down. The true is hidden… and we can only listen to our hearts & intuition… to find the true by ourself and not by listening to others or judging others …

Now it’s the moment to be calm and stay present in our hearts.

“The peace ☮️ start within you”. 🙏🏻

We all individuals need to stay peaceful with positive mind. Our global consciousness which is united in every human being, in every heart ❤️ is influencing each of us. So let’s stay calm & peaceful more then ever … practice all what you have learned till now … continue your path of self realisation with loving compassion to every being in every corner of this Planet.

Be aware where is the true… because the dark side is working very hard to hide the true, to make confusions, to create even more fear & low frequency of energy. We shouldn’t be judging or scared… this energy is just taking strength from you and put you down.

Believe all is going to be alright. The planet Earth needs to be healed & all is happening for some reason. We are all going to be part of transformative journey with our beautiful planet, entering into the higher dimensions… bud only if we continue working on ourself and keep our energy high.

Now it’s important to ground yourself, calm down and not jump on the energies of fear (programs that try to impose on us in a world of duality).

Breathe into the heart, walk in the nature, or meditate, engage in simple activities in addition to one's spiritual work, simpler earthly and manual activities, which is the energy of grounding.

Let us keep the energy at the top, by working together in harmonization, where it is allowed, where we have reach, which is family and friendly groups. Don’t think globally, think locally …. 💗

Do not follow hectic astrological predictions, because even these can be read in duality, rather realize that you are present on the planet Earth Gaya at that time we are here and now. What I see as a whole being from a positive perspective and where I am heading.

Let us not follow catastrophic scenarios and do not follow all the information that is presented to us, because we are just overwhelmed by misleading information, which is the low frequency of energy.

Let's stay together, in our hearts and breathe…

Do what you enjoy and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Let's wake up together and free ourselves from the World of duality.

Namaste 🙏🏻❤️ Veronica

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