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Tatiana Testimonials


I am an almost 50-year-old mother, a wife who was exposed to severe psychological stress at the end of the summer after trauma in my family.  My body needed a restart.

And it was almost miraculous that I read a retreat offer with Veronica in Ibiza. I decided to go almost immediately and I am happy for it. I still have that great joy in me.  It was one of the greatest restorative experiences in my life.

Ibiza is a beautiful place, excursions were diverse and the nature spectacular. The food was very healthy, mostly vegetarian and vegan, which surprisingly kept me full all day and changed my view of eating.

The best part of the retreat was Veronica, her kindness, peacefulness and caring led me on my way back to a calm mind. I will not forget her organisation and planning lessons and trips, which made this week absolutely amazing.

I was very lucky to have a great group of people from whom I just didn't want to go home.

I highly recommend letting your soul and body heal in this place by Veronica. I am very much looking forward to the autumn retreat, which I want to participate in. Furthermore, I try to adapt my life more to the learned principles and main ideas of the retreat. And I never want to leave yoga again.

Clare Testimonials


I wholeheartedly recommend retreats with Veronica: if you get the opportunity, then go! 

Ibiza is a really lovely place, with lovely and funny people. And powerful and intense yoga classes, of course. I enjoyed it a lot! Hopefully see you again, in April & October :-)

Thank you Veronica!

Lukas Testimonials


I can highly recommend Veronica Pródis’ yoga retreats (Regenerative Retreat on Ibiza). It was one of the most special weeks I have ever had. Veronica brought together a wonderful group of people and created the most perfect week of different activities: yoga, acroyoga, dance, cacao ceremony, shamanic yoga, Formentera adventure, Atlantis & Es Vedra excursion, friendship, laughter and fun. 

It was just perfect in every sense. Thank you Veronica! 💕

Kate Testimonials


The decision to go to Ibiza was the best one.

On the retreat I met a lot of great people, we all joined together as a good team with a family atmosphere. Right on the amazing surroundings of the beach… sun… and a beautifully suitable villa. Just as much thanks for our chef Lukas, who cooked as a God and took care of us, as much as possible.

Daily yoga has helped me to restart the body, and Veronica made it really professional and understandable for everyone. Moreover, the whole retreat had variety, with beautiful excursions full of true experiences of nature and Ibiza culture.

For me personally, it was a time when I left all worries and routine life at home, and I was doing something completely different than at home, and all I did very… very! benefit my body and soul..😊👍.

I greet all friends, and I hope I will see all of you again. 👌



From the first moment when I met Veronica I felt very welcomed. The whole retreat was such a good experience for my body, my mind, my soul and my emotions. We became like

a little loving family living and practising all together in this stunning villa right next to the beach. Always when I was looking towards the sea I felt so blessed to be part of this group and to work with Veronica, she has such a beautiful Soul and I can just highly recommend to get the opportunity to practise with her.

Also in this week of different experiences and self development we went to magical places like the bellybutton of the world "Es Vedra" and magical Atlantis.


It was a quiet challenging retreat but in the same time relaxing (Meditation, Rituals, Massage ...) and totally worth it to really experience something different on Ibiza. I will for sure repeat and I'm looking so much forward to join again.

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