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Greetings from spiritual India, where I’m currently studying yoga in Mysore.

I’m preparing to return to Ibiza and open the courses for May 2024.

✨Yoga lessons in Atzaro

✨Acroyoga lesson on the beach


✨Private lessons at your domicile (in person &/or online - online you can join now as well🙏🏻)


✨Vegan cooking

✨And newly private Retreats, 1-7 day Retreat at your domicile or in private villa.

E.g. private yoga lesson, meditation, soundbath, massages & relaxation by the pool…

We can design together your very own Private Retreat on Ibiza, customised and personalised needs and requirements, for you alone or with a group of friends provided by Veronica &/or with local healers and artists. I offer a different types of activities and healing sessions to nourish your body, mind and spirit that helps you to find inner peace, harmony & spiritual growth.


* Different types of Yoga, AcroYoga, Dance, Pilates

* Meditation

* Breath-work & Pranayama (breath exercises)

* Massages & Healing

* Sound-bath

* Different types of ceremonies

* Nutrition - private chef at your domicile

* Excursions: Ibiza &/or Formentera secret beaches, hikes etc.

* Wellness guide - Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, Coaching, Ayurveda

* Accommodation - we can help you to provide private villa &/or private boat trip to Es Verde, Formentera etc

You can find more here:

Private retreats need to be booked in advance in order to prepare it.

If you are interested in any services (yoga, acroyoga, massages, ceremonies, retreats...), please let me know in advance so that we can plan everything.

September and October are already filling up for me, so hurry up :-) and book it now!

Thank you Veronica

Much love from India 🇮🇳🙏🏻😘

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